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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I share the link to download the application with my contacts ?

Above the « My account » menu, on the left, a small logo suggests that you share the link to nomadidact on Apple Store or Google Store.

How do I create a circle ?

Click on CIRCLES picto cercle > the plus logo picto sigle plus > Fill in the title > Create the list of circle contacts > Next > Invite participants from your phone contacts

Can I access my data offline?

No, because the data is safer on the host servers than on your smartphone.

Will my document diary data be lost if the app is updated ?

No, the data is saved even if there is an update.

Is the host secure ?

Yes, it’s the Swiss host Silicom Group SA, a company specialising in Cloud solutions hosted in Switzerland and cybersecurity.

If I want to create or take part in several circles, do I also need to create several accounts ?

No, with a single account you can easily manage and/or participate in several circles.

I want to create a circle, but some of the people I want to invite don't speak French. What can I do?

The nomadidact application is available in 4 languages: French, German, English and Italian. Every user can adjust the language in the settings.

Can I create several accounts ?

Yes, you can create several accounts: Individual for private use; organization for a non-profit organization; service for commercial use.

What are the advantages of creating an organization or service account ?

You will appear on the geolocatable services page and people looking for solutions will find you very easily.

I belong to an association that is not listed on nomadidact. What do I need to do ?

Create an organization/association account > Enter the contact details > Define the reference words from the list > Finalize.

I want to change my account details. Is it possible ?

You can change all the data you have entered at any time and save it.

Why can't I save a date/document ?

Check that all the fields have been filled in.

Why can't I change certain dates/documents in a circle ?

You can only change the dates/documents you have created.

I'd like to help out as a volunteer or I'm looking for a volunteer to help me. Which route should I take ?

Go to the HELP button in the PLUS picto aide area.

Is it possible to install nomadidact on several devices with the same account ?

Yes, of course. You can access your circles from a tablet and a phone at the same time.

Can I access my account from a PC ?

In the future, yes. This feature is currently under development.

How do I annotate a document ?

Take a screenshot and annotate directly with your photo tools.

Could I have a description of the application's functions for a relative?

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